ningher canoe

The story behind building a traditional Tasmanian Aboriginal canoe – Dark Mofo 2014


ningher means ‘canoe’ in the old language. Two Tasmanian Aboriginal canoe makers will craft a five-metre-plus traditional bark canoe onsite at MONA. The canoe will be launched on Friday, June 20 and carry a sacred fire from the MONA site at Berriedale upon an epic journey along the River Derwent, landing at Watermans Dock, Sullivan’s Cove on the eve of the solstice.

At Watermans Dock, Kartanya Maynard will give voice to a ceremony of welcome. Storyteller Greg Lehman will narrate the journey via the ningher blog and facebook pages. The canoe countrymen will ignite a sacred fire that will burn throughout the Winter Feast, marking the solstice.

During its 24-hour journey, the canoe will be visible from the shore at times during day and night, as this unpredictable cultural journey unfolds. (see for details).


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